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What Coaching Can Do For Your Self Confidence.

Building Confidence and Winning with Self-Esteem

Without exception, the one truth for every client I have worked with over the past 16 years is that they all want to tap into their personal power to believe in their own loveability and enoughness. They want to create a life above and beyond the struggle and striving of the past. 

You may be looking in the mirror and not even recognize the person you once were. You may feel very unlike yourself. Or maybe you see what others seem to have in the way of happiness and satisfaction. 

You know, everyone wants to look better, feel better and discover how to live a life of real fulfillment. Not enough can be said for gaining confidence. But with confidence and solid self-esteem, everything is possible!

You don't know every detail of how to get from where you are to where you're trying to go but learning how to shift your thoughts to make them work for you is a huge part of emotional recovery and it's the process from which confidence is built.

In short, I’ll help you get unstuck from past experiences without picking at the details and move you forward with full confidence to plant new seeds of hope and grow them into a new and exciting future!

It's time you take charge, isn't it?

We spend a lot of time trying to manage how other people see us and our opinion of ourselves becomes based on what other people will think about us. We become concerned with pleasing others and wanting to be liked by other people. But how about what you think and feel about yourself? 

Your worthiness doesn't come from earning someone's approval. You worthiness comes from learning how to be independent of any one else's opinion of you. Find out more about taking your next step into your best life ever!

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You Need Clarity of Vision and Guidance

The most painful things so many of us experience have caused us to resist feeling the pain which creates heavy, unnecessary suffering in the process. Without coaching that provides clarity and guidance, it's just an endless stream of negative emotions weighing us down. Pain's purpose in our lives is to help us understand what NOT to do, and when we are UNaware of its cause, we miss the opportunity to solve it. Personal development coaching for emotional healing is the solution for you.

Personal Development Opportunities

Become the Love You Seek

Teresa Ford  peace health happiness  confidence energetic lose weight diet  exercise stress relief

Learn to use your personal power through effective developmental coaching practices to make your needs known and your wants and desires clear. 

Learning how and where to establish clear boundaries to build a healthy relationship with yourself first and others second will solidify your self confidence. 

When you get clear on where you are allowing "unhappiness" to creep into your life your self esteem no longer suffers and you become unstoppable.

No More Anxiety and Depression

Teresa Ford  peace health happiness  confidence energetic lose weight diet  exercise stress relief

No more suffering from anxiety or depression over traumatic events such as childhood experiences, divorce, loss of job, low self-worth and loss of self. Establish new neuro-pathways to build an emotionally secure future for yourself full of positivity, confidence and ease.

Eliminate Procrastination

Teresa Ford  peace health happiness  confidence energetic lose weight diet  exercise stress relief

 Playing it safe way too long? No more doubt or worry! You’ll find such stress relief in your ability to take action steps that used to be scary but will soon feel like it’s what you were born to do. Confidence to move forward fearlessly is everything!

Overcome Money Blocks

Teresa Ford  peace health happiness  confidence energetic lose weight diet  exercise stress relief

If your thoughts about money have a negative frequency money will never come to stay. The path of most allowance is knowing your self-worth (notice the $ words used here) and creating the right mindset to become financially free. If you value your time, you'll want it to be profitable!

Lose the Weight Once and For All

Teresa Ford  peace health happiness  confidence energetic lose weight diet  exercise stress relief

Your body is storing fat when it's under stress. The good news is your body is a machine and when you tell it to burn fat it does. Having the "answers" in an effective coaching program will help you make your final transformation an enjoyable and sustainable experience to restore youthfulness and vibrance to you again.

Make Your Mark On the World

Teresa Ford  peace health happiness  confidence energetic lose weight diet  exercise stress relief

Your limitless power to make a contribution of infinite proportions is just a belief, a coaching blueprint and an action plan away. If you can dream it, we can put a plan together to build and conquer it with full confidence of hitting your goals. Get ready to be ready and then fire! Your future self will thank you for starting your coaching program NOW.


You have to know what you want in order to get where you want to go. Maybe you have a vision for yourself and maybe you don't. Gaining clarity is how you get started on your way.

Download this form so you can get clear on your goals and desires.

The areas of focus that stand out on the page will be where coaching can enhance your enjoyment of being you. 

People Who Commit to Healing, get better faster!

How You Can Start Coaching Right Away

ONE & DONE Coaching Program *Results Guaranteed*

Coaching with someone like me, with 16 years of experience in the areas of health, personal development, emotional recovery and mindset coaching, and who has done what you want to do also transforming one or more areas of your life guarantees results. 

People come to me when they are ready to not only find stress relief but to boost their self-worth, confidence and realize their true personal power to create a life they love.

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DIY Courses and Programs

You can start building your confidence with a FREE discovery session so I can point you in the right direction to see the results you're looking for. You can take advantage of one of our results-oriented programs to discover your self-worth, confidence and emotional healing today. It's time to recognize your limitless possibilities and feel good in your skin!

Suddenly the only opinion of you that matters is what you think of you and you'll be in love with who you become! 

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The Success You're Looking For

The success you are looking for is not based in "things". What you are looking for is getting up to speed with the harmony you feel for who you are and the stress and discord that are out of alignment with who you are. If you feel stress, you want to feel relief. If you feel heavy, you want to feel light. If you feel anxious, you want to feel positive knowing everything is ok. 

You want confidence about who you are, a forward feeling about what you can become and a sense of self to know you're right on time.

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