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Youthful is as Youthful Does!

When we think the way we look is the "problem", it's an indication that the root cause of our discomfort is the stress we're under. 

What we see in the mirror is actually just a reflection of what is going on inside our heads that is producing a stress response in our hormones reducing the physical health we desire.

It's true our hormonal potential drops the older we get. However, we CAN feel more energetic quickly with simple and logical lifestyle habits that directly reduce stress and increase our hormonal potential to burn fat. 

The degree to which we reduce physical and environmental stress will influence our natural ability to  burn body fat rather than store it. 

The way you know you are burning body fat, besides size reduction, is that you feel young and youthful; more like you would expect yourself to feel in the life you want to live more fully.  

Emotional eating is a thing and is in direct relation to emotional stress. This includes exhaustion that prevents us from feeling our best. 

It's not just about managing diet and exercise but also addressing external influences and past life experiences and how they make us feel about ourselves today.

A healthy mindset shift along with super easy lifestyle adjustments make the difference between a continual struggle with your self-esteem, worthiness and confidence and a transformation success story that unlocks your potential to live without limits. 

Living a Fat Loss Lifestyle is a key component of integrating hormone-driven fat burning practices into your routines to reduce environmental stress, promote emotional health and realize an abundance of self-expression and vitality in your life. 

To feel more energetic we must build a solid foundation of mental and emotional health that translates into a vibrancy of physical health so you can feel young and youthful again.

Health is a Personal Expression of Your Inner Desires

You know what has and what hasn't worked for you. A one-size diet isn't what you need. You need the power to choose a lifestyle that will cater to your personal preferences and understand your hormonal needs. 

The only way to put together a sustainable plan that will be effective and efficient for YOU is to learn more about your metabolic expression increase the fat burning effect. 

Learning to improve your daily choices to exercise in meaningful and uplifting ways and consume foods that energize your body will bring more abundance of health into your life. 

The point is the run and play for the rest of your life because you can. Practicing wellness is just as much a daily mindset as practicing illness. Why not create the life you love around feeling energetically healthy and abundant today?! It's not a diet. It's an expression of yourself through an abundance of health and vitality!

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The goal isn't to not to gain weight. The goal is to live an abundant life and feel great!

Practice Stress Relief to Drop A Dress Size or MORE

Results You'll See For a Lifetime

See that girl in the before and after picture? That's me, Coach T on the left at age 39, raising a family of 5 kids and before I had a career or became a coach. I hated having my picture taken! I was shy and introverted. 

The girl on the right is also me, but at age 41, still raising 5 kids, not intimidated by my external environment, with a new sense of confidence and with an accidental career in fitness. Who looks older? Who looks like she's having more fun? 

The only way to feel young and youthful and to feel more energetic about the life you want to live is to take the journey and discover that the person you become is even better than you every dreamed.

Now, go look at the picture of me on my Speaking page. That picture was taken 12 years later - well into my 50's. What does that tell you about the sustainability of living a fat loss lifestyle? Does youthfulness ever go out of style? Do you ever want to be less than who you really are? I wasn't shooting for a size when I lost 8 dress sizes. I was looking to become a truer version of myself. I lost size and gained confidence! I change my beliefs about who I was. I set down some preeet-ty heavy emotional "bags" that weren't mine to begin with from childhood. I became aligned or harmonious with the inner me. 

When you put your mind and body in the best possible position to succeed you WILL get results that reflect your true inner self. You will match who you are on the inside with your reflection on the outside and that comes in all sizes based on your healthy beliefs about who you are. Becoming the best version of you improves your perspectives, increases confidence and reduces stress. Everything just gets better and better and next thing you know, there you are, living #FIREDUP!

Teresa Ford  peace health happiness  confidence energetic lose weight diet  exercise stress relief

Teresa Ford peace health happiness confidence energetic lose weight diet exercise stress relief


Leave Your Legacy

Teresa Ford  peace health happiness  confidence energetic lose weight diet  exercise stress relief

Your development will be the most important work you will ever do to reduce the stress and anxiety you feel about yourself and prevent that being passed down to your tribe. 

So, how do you want to be remembered and how do you want to feel in the process of living the one and only life you have? 

You have many important people looking to you to show them a better way and it's never too late to work on you so that others can see how it's done. Energizing you, energizes them. It's how to show them a better way! 

See Yourself As You Are

Teresa Ford  peace health happiness  confidence energetic lose weight diet  exercise stress relief

Unless you've done the work of shifting your conditioned beliefs, you may doubt that your worth is deserving of the effort. But, take it from someone who has "done the work." Life is gloriously deliberate and fear is hardly detectable.  When you discover yourself free of limiting beliefs, you'll notice your natural ability to take charge using your personal power. You willl develop healthy boundaries tovgive you clarity and purpose for your life.  

Make a Future Impact

Teresa Ford  peace health happiness  confidence energetic lose weight diet  exercise stress relief

When you continue to "survive" as you are, you begin to notice an increase of emotions such as anxiety, fear, regret and even depression. 

What if you could get excited about new goals. Maybe a new perspective and insight as to how to feel more energetic about yourself and what you want to do in life is exactly what you need! 

It's never too late to reinvent yourself, feel young and youthful, increase your health, find the love of your life, go for the promotion, quit your job or make a boatload of money. Ask me how I know? My life is a story of reinventing myself because I can. And you can too!

Don't let procrastination stop you from making a smart move today that will improve the rest of your life. It's not as scary as you think when you have someone to guide you every step of the way. Start now!

The pro-action you take today will impact your future.

We have to talk about what you want in order to get there!

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When you have your health, you have every opportunity to feel young and youthful, energized by your goals, and elevated by your thoughts that create the path to living your dreams. That's what it means to live #FIREDUP!