LIVING #FIREDUP Starts with Leadership

You'll Be Laughing and Crying! (and that's a good thing!) :)

If you’re looking for someone to deliver inspiration to get your audience #FIREDUP and excited to elevate their life in health, wealth, love relationships and self-belief, you just found her. Teresa's messages are experiential, inspirational, leadership-oriented, proven and so relatable! Your audience will be laughing, crying (bring tissue *wink*) and fully energized to start Living #FIREDUP! 

Take Your Rightful Place as a Leader

Whether you’re looking for an inspirational influence for your team, your family, women in general, for parents or specific individuals, the message delivery will touch their hearts in a way that will inspire their own self-belief to take their rightful place as leaders and creators and fulfill the measure of their creation. Leadership that influences any type of circle of influence is possible when they understand how powerful they truly are to inspire change.  

Empowerment for All

Teresa speaks on topics such as: 

1. Personal Empowerment-Fostering Self-Belief – specifically offering up inspirational leadership examples of how to create a legacy worth talking about and one to be emulated. For anyone intentionally influencing for the greater good. 

2. Authenticity, Personal Growth and Emotional Freedom – how to build an unstoppable self-belief to manifest true transformations. This is a strategic presentation to learn how to employ the power of full engagement as a means of fulfilling the measure of ones' own creation. 

3. Intentional, NOT Habitual – creating a clear vision to become the best version of yourself by rewriting ideals in support of more fun, inspiration and creativity around health, wealth, love relationships and self-belief. This is an audience participation presentation. 

4. Exiting the Round-About - This presentation focuses solely on reducing overwhelm caused by caustic and traumatic life occurrences. This includes bullying, physical and emotional abuse, divorce, poverty, co-dependency, grief and loss, anxiety/depression, disappointment and rejection. Teresa is a master of emotional rebooting. Learn how to exit the round-about of negativity and start fresh, a journey filled with  more peace and solace, joy and happiness, and such clarity for a bright future.  

To connect with Teresa for speaking opportunities, venue preferences and current 2019 fees please email: or call/text 336-749-7604 for more information.  



Resistance prevents progress